About this Project

Book of Remembrance: Biographies of Catholic Clergy and Laity Repressed in the Soviet Union (USSR) from 1918 to 1953 website presents brief biographies, translated from Russian by Geraldine Kelley, of Catholic clergy and laity repressed by the Soviet regime during the reigns of Lenin and Stalin.

The biographies were collected by the Apostolic Administration for Catholics of North European Russia and published in 2000 in Moscow, in Bronislav Chaplitskii, Irina I. Osipova, Kniga pamiati: martirolog Katolicheskoi tserkvi v SSSR. [Book of Remembrance: A Martyrology of the Catholic Church in the USSR] (Moskva: Serebrianye niti, 2000).

While personal and geographical names were transliterated for this digital project by catalogers at the University of Notre Dame Libraries using Library of Congress transliteration system, many personal names were originally Anglicized by the translator. The biographies thus contain both forms, Anglicized and transliterated, which allows users to search by various spellings of the name.

For more information about the background and context of this translation project, please see About the Translation.

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