Biography of Servant of God, Galina Jętkiewicz (Sister Rose of the Heart of Mary, OP)

Biographical Description: Born into a family of the nobility in Vitebsk province in 1896. Completed the natural (science?) department of Post-Secondary Women’s Courses with a major in pedagogy. Lived in Moscow and worked as a high school teacher. Entered the Abrikosova community of Dominican Sisters where she took the name Sr. Rose of the Heart of Mary. In November 1921, her family emigrated to Poland, but she chose not to join them. She translated and distributed theological works. November 26, 1923 – arrested in Moscow in connection with a case against Russian Catholics. May 19, 1924 – sentenced under Article 61 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to five years’ confinement in prison [OGPU Collegium]. Sent to the Irkutsk isolator. In June 1929 she was sentenced to three years’ exile. Sent to the village of Kolpashevo, Narym region, whence she was released April 30, 1932, but restricted from living in the six major cities or the borderland regions for a period of three years [OGPU Collegium, Novosibirsk oblast]. From August 1932 she lived in Rybinsk; in 1934, she was living in Tambov, where, on February 1, 1935, she was arrested in connection with a case against Catholic clergy. She was acquitted after a closed judicial proceeding November 16-19, 1935, in Voronezh [Special Collegium, Voronezh Dist. Ct.]. November 27 she was released from prison. October 1936 she was living in Maloyaroslavets. In the autumn of 1942 she went to Novo-Shulba, Semipalatinsk region, to help the ailing Sr. Stefania Gorodets, who had been exiled there. She died February 11, 1944, in Novo-Shulba. The following are excerpts from the indictment in the case against Russian Catholics in 1923-1924: The idea to which Sr. Rosa of the Heart of Mary dedicated herself is well expressed in the formula of her vows: “To the honor and glory of Almighty God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the All-Holy Virgin Mary and St. Dominic, I, Sr. Rosa of the Heart of Mary, in thy presence, Reverend Father Vladimir [Abrikosov], head of the Russian community of the Third Order of the Penance of St. Dominic of Moscow, Plenipotentiary of the Most Reverend Father General and the Pope, hereby confess and declare that I give myself to God as a sacrifice for the salvation of Russia, so help me God.” Translator’s Note: See for information about the cause of canonization of the Servant of God, Sr. Rose of the Heart of Mary. Sources: Assumptionist Archives, Rome, 2ER.66, p. 1; GARF, f. 8409, op. 1, d. 26, l. 158; d. 37, l. 136; d. 75, l. 187-188; d. 240, l. 161-162; d. 340, l. 68, 235-239; d. 344, l. 176-177; d. 726, l. 1-7; d. 819, l. 57; Osipova (1996), p. 167; Abrikosova et al. (1924); Ott; Sokolovskyi, p. 72; Osipova (1999), p. 330; see also