Biography of Father Georg Sauer

Born in 1864 in Wittmann, a German colony on the Lower Volga. Graduated from Saratov Seminary and was ordained in 1887 for the Diocese of Tiraspol. From 1887 he served in Marienberg; from 1899, in Neu-Leibental, outside Odessa; from 1911 he was pastor of Mother of God parish in Rohleder on the Lower Volga. In 1921 he and a friend were killed by bandits [partisans?] in his home in Rohleder (exact date of death unknown). Source: Dzwonkowski, pp. 425-426; Schnurr, p. 349; see also > history > biographies
Variant Names:
Sauer, Georg; Zauer, Georgiĭ
Wittmann (Russia); Saratov (Russia); Tiraspol (Moldova); Marienberg (Ukraine); Odesa (Ukraine); Rohleder (Russia)
male; clergy and religious; executed