Biography of Kazimierz Tysowski

Born in 1904 in Zhmerynka, Podolskyi province. Graduated from Railroad Technical Operations Institute. In July 1925 he moved to Leningrad where he worked on the railroad and later enrolled in the Polytechnical Institute for Communications. Studied at an underground seminary. January 14, 1927 – arrested along with a group of students of the seminary on charges of “criminal contact with priests and studying in a seminary.” July 18, 1927 – sentenced under Article 58-10 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to five years in corrective labor camp [OGPU Collegium]. Sent to Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp; released December 27, 1931. Departed for Zhmerynka; later settled in Leningrad. November 21, 1932 – arrested and drawn into the investigation in a case against Catholic clergy and laity who had been transferred from Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp to Leningrad Prison. Charged with “espionage on behalf of Poland and France.” May 27, 1933 – sentenced under Articles 58-10 and 58-11 to three years in corrective labor camp [Special Troika, OGPU Collegium]. Sent again to Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp; later transferred to Svirlag; released July 12, 1935. Banished to Samarkand. Fate thereafter unknown. Sources: Archive of the Directorate, Ministry of the Interior, Arkhangelsk oblast; Archive of the Directorate, FSB, St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast; GARF, f. 8409, op. 2, d. 230, l. 330; d. 367, l. 210-212; d. 370, l. 229-234; d. 728, l. 102-104; Osipova (1996), pp. 204-205; Investigatory Matter 590614 fp, Central Archive, FSB, Russian Federation; Shkarovskii, p. 285
Variant Names:
Tysowski, Kazimierz; Tysovskiĭ, Kazimir Andreevich
Zhmerynka (Ukraine); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Solovet︠s︡kiĭ (Russia); Temirtaū (Kazakhstan)
male; laity; fate unknown