Biography of Father Stanisƚaw Sƚowiński

Born in 1898 in Marinovka, Volyn province. Studied at Zhytomyr Seminary; after it was closed he continued his studies at Lutsk Seminary and completed his education at Gniezno Seminary; ordained in 1921. Sent to serve in Ukraine, and thus in 1922 he illegally crossed the border into the USSR and became administrator of the parish in Romanov, Liubar deanery. In November 1923 he was arrested on charges of espionage, but soon released and he returned to his parish. In 1926 he was again arrested on charges of espionage and sentenced under Articles 66 and 98 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to three years in corrective labor camp [OGPU Collegium]. Sent to Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp; released in 1929 and banished to Narym krae, where he lived in extreme poverty. At the beginning of 1931 he was released from exile but prohibited from residing in the six major cities and the border regions. He settled in the village of Ilyas, outside Saratov; he later moved to Saratov where he worked as a bookkeeper at a tobacco factory. June 13, 1937 – arrested on charges of “espionage activity.” December 26, 1937 – sentenced to death under Article 58-6 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR [NKVD Collegium and USSR Office of Public Prosecutor]. January 5, 1938 – shot, in Saratov Prison. Buried in Resurrection Cemetery in Saratov. Sources: Archive of the Directorate, FSB, Saratov oblast; GARF, f. 8409, op. 1, d. 716, l. 185-187; Osipova (1996), pp. 199-200; Dzwonkowski, pp. 444-445; Madała, p. 141
Variant Names:
Sƚowiński, Stanisƚaw; Slovinskiĭ, Stanislav Ivanovich
Marynove (Ukraine); Z︠H︡ytomyr (Ukraine); Lut︠s︡ʹk (Ukraine); Narym (Russia); Saratov (Russia)
male; clergy and religious; executed