Biography of Father Walerian Pazderniak

Born into the family of a bureaucrat in Baishen, Upper Silesia, in 1913. He completed theological studies and was ordained. He was a religion teacher in the parish in Beglau and remained there even after the Soviet Army came into Germany. May 10, 1945 – Fr. Walerian was arrested. June 7, 1945 – sentenced under Article 58-6 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to fifteen years in corrective labor camp [Military Tribunal, USSR Ministry of State Security]. Sent to the Sixth Sector of Norillag, where he arrived on August 17. April 28, 1949 – transferred to Gorlag; July 30, 1954 – transferred to Ozerlag. Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Archive of Krasnoyarsk “Memorial”; Archive of Directorate, Ministry of the Interior, Krasnoyarsk kray; Sibiriak (Belostok), 1991, no. 6, p. 50; list compiled by R. Dzwonkowski, SAC
Variant Names:
Pazderniak, Walerian; Pazderni︠a︡k, Valer'i︠a︡n Romanovich; Pazderni︠u︡k, Valer'i︠a︡n Romanovich
Silesia, Upper (Poland and Czech Republic)
male; clergy and religious; fate unknown