Biography of Father Wincenty Nurkowski

Born in 1891 [1894?]. Graduated from seminary and was ordained in 1919. From 1924 he was pastor of the parish in Postavy [Pastavy]; from 1937, in Zabolot. In September 1939 he found himself in Vilnius and was there at the time of the Soviet and German occupations. In 1945 – after the return of the Red Army and establishment of Soviet rule – Fr. Wincent was arrested and sentenced to ten (?) years in corrective labor camp. Sent to the lumber mill at Yurinski Lumber Collective, Saranlag (Mariinsk ASSR); later transferred to Siblag (outside Novosibirsk) and then later – to Steplag (Dzhezkazgan, Karaganda oblast), where he died in 1953 or 1954 (exact date and place of death unknown). Source; List compiled by R. Dzwonkowski, SAC; Madała, p. 117
Variant Names:
Nurkowski, Wincenty; Nurkovskiĭ, Vint︠s︡ent
Pastavy (Belarus); Vilnius (Lithuania); Novosibirsk (Russia); Zhezqazghan (Kazakhstan)
male; clergy and religious; died in prison