Biography of Father Adolf Pietkiewicz

Born in Klewań, Woƚyń province. Graduated from Żytomierz Seminary and was ordained in 1896 for the Diocese of Żytomierz. From 1902 he was administrator of the parish in Kuniów, Zasƚaw deanery [3,904 parishioners in 1918 – R.D.]. From 1905 he was administrator in Uszomierz, Owrucz deanery; from 1914, in Ostropol, Żytomierz deanery; and from 1923, in Krasiƚów, and he temporarily also tended the parish in Kulczyny. From 1925, he was administrator in Fastów. He also served in the parishes in Bila Tserkva, Kharkiv and Kiev. He was drawn into the investigation in a case against Catholic clergy in Ukraine, for which he was transferred to Kharkiv Prison, and then later to Kiev Prison. May 10, 1930 – sentenced under Article 54-10 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to three years in corrective labor camp [Special Troika, GPU Collegium, UkrSSR]. As of May 26 he was in the Yaroslavl Political Isolator; released in August 1932 and sentenced to three years in exile. Sent to Arkhangelsk oblast, where he lived under extremely difficult conditions; he was unable to find work on account of his poor health and he was forced to appeal to the Polish Red Cross for material assistance. He died September 26, 1933, in Arkhangelsk; his funeral, paid for by the layman Donat Woronok [hoping for reimbursement by Polish Red Cross], was held on September 28. The old clothes of the deceased were distributed to the poor whom he had cared for. Sources: Archive of the Directorate, FSB, Arkhangelsk oblast; GARF, f. 8406, op. 2, d. 3796 and 5647, l. 2, 5, 8, 9, 35, 39, 47; Osipova (1996), p. 190; Investigatory Matter 1733 fp, Archive TsGAOO (Ukraine); Dzwonkowski, pp. 391-392; Madała, p. 123
Variant Names:
Pietkiewicz, Adolf; Petkevich, Adol'f Adol'fovich
Z︠H︡ytomyr (Ukraine); Bila T︠S︡erkva (Ukraine); Kiev (Ukraine); Kharkiv (Ukraine); Arkhangelʹsk (Russia)
male; clergy and religious; survived