Biography of Father Ignacy Opolski

Born in 1885 in Snitków, Podolski province. Graduated from Żytomierz Seminary and was ordained in 1916 for the Diocese of Łuck-Żytomierz. From 1918 he served in Romanów [6,998 parishioners in 1918 – R.D.], Żytomierz deanery; later served as vicar of the parish in Felsztyn, Proskirów deanery; from 1919 he was administrator of parishes in Januszpol and Krasnopol, Lubar deanery. In the 1920s he was arrested and put in jail more than once, after which he was released and returned to Romanów. January 27, 1930 – arrested in a case against Catholic clergy and sent to Kiev Prison for further investigation. May 12, 1930 – sentenced under Article 54-10 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to eight years in corrective labor camp [Special Troika, OGPU Collegium]. May 26 – transferred to Yaroslavl Political Isolator, where he suffered from many illnesses; February 22, 1932 – sent the Polish Red Cross a letter in which he described his serious condition, informing them that he was receiving no assistance, and begged them to send him “a Bible together with the New Testament.” His relatives managed to get permission for his exit to Poland on an exchange, but the authorities refused the exchange. In October 1933 he was sent to Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp In 1937 he was transferred to the prison block. November 25, 1937 – sentenced to death [Special Troika, Directorate, NKVD, Leningrad oblast]. December 8, 1937 – shot, in Sandormokh, outside Medvezhegorsk. Translator’s Note: His father was also imprisoned and his mother, an elderly woman, was expelled from her home and left without any means of support. – R.D., p. 382. Sources: Archive of the Directorate, FSB, Arkhangelsk oblast; GARF, F. 8406, op. 2, d. 3610 and 5647, l. 1, 5, 8, 9, 35, 37, 46, 52; Osipova (1996). p. 188; Protocols of Sessions of Special Troika, Directorate of NKVD, Leningrad oblast; Investigatory Matter 1733 fp, Archive TsGAOO (Ukraine); Dzwonkowski, pp. 381-382; Madała, p. 119
Variant Names:
Opolski, Ignacy; Opol'skiĭ , Ignatiĭ Nikolaevich
Podillia (Ukraine); Z︠H︡ytomyr (Ukraine); Proskuriv (Ukraine); Kiev (Ukraine)
male; clergy and religious; executed