Biography of Father Wƚadysƚaw Klamm

Born in 1874. Graduated from Vilnius Seminary and was ordained for the Diocese of Vilnius in 1901. From 1907 he was administrator of the parish in Różanka, Lida deanery, and later served in Sƚonim as a chaplain for the Congregation of Sisters of the Immaculate Conception [at the old convent of the Bernadine Sisters?]; from the early 1920s he was administrator of the parish in Krzemienica, Woƚkowisk deanery. During the night of August 5/6, 1920, with the advance of the Bolsheviks into Poland during the Polish-Soviet War, he was murdered by Red Army soldiers. Source: No source given, but see Dzwonkowski, p. 288; Madała, p. 80
Variant Names:
Klamm, Wƚadysƚaw; Kli︠a︡m, Vladislav
Vilnius (Lithuania); Rozhanka (Belarus); Slonim (Belarus); Krzemienica (Łańcut, Poland)
male; clergy and religious; executed