Biography of Father Paweƚ Kaziunas

Born in 1877. Graduated from the Catholic Seminary in St. Petersburg and was ordained in 1901. He served as vicar of the parish in Tomsk; from 1904, in Ufa, from December 1910, at the church of St. Peter in Kolpino outside St. Petersburg; in September 1914 he was relieved of his duties due to illness; at the end of the year he became pastor of the parish in Zahacie [Zagache], Lepel deanery; in 1928 he was serving at the parish in Czausy where he was arrested in that year but soon released. In May 1929 he was again arrested and sentenced to eight years in corrective labor camp [OGPU Collegium]. Sent to a camp; released in 1933. Returned to Czausy. June 28, 1939 – the Polish embassy received word that Fr. Paweƚ had been arrested in Czausy in 1937 and convicted. Source: Dzwonkowski, p. 286; Osipova (1996), p. 172; Shkarovskii, p. 226.
Variant Names:
Kazi︠u︡nas, Pavel; Kaziunas, Paweƚ
Saint Petersburg (Russia); Tomsk (Russia); Chaus (Russia)
male; clergy and religious; fate unknown