Biography of Father Leopold Dallinger

Born October 24, 1884, in Horodenka. Finished school in Kolomyia and seminary in Lwów [Lemberg]; ordained in 1908. Earned a doctorate in theology at Lwów University. Served as vicar of the parish first in Zƚoczów [Zolochiv] and later, in Stryi. In August 1914 he was called up for duty as a chaplain in the Austrian Army. In November 1918 he became a chaplain for the Polish Army; after the end of the Polish-Soviet War, he became a religion teacher. From 1938 he was director of the gymnasium and the girls’ lycee in Koƚomyja [Kolomyia]; he was there at the time of the Soviet occupation. In April 1940 Fr. Leopold was arrested and transported out to Semipalatinsk oblast (northern Kazakhstan), where he managed to say Mass secretly (he received communion hosts in packages from Koƚomyja) and hear confessions. In 1941 he was amnestied as a Polish citizen and released from the camp. Became a chaplain in Anders’ Army; he was later a chaplain in the camps of Polish refugees in Teheran. From 1943 he was on leave – he went to India, where he was chaplain for Polish refugees; from 1948 he was chaplain in Polish (refugee) camps in England. In August 1949, after demobilization, he became chaplain for a Polish Order, the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, at Pitsfort Hall, where he died on July 21, 1965. Source: Siemaszko, pp. 165-166; list compiled by R. Dzwonkowski, SAC; Madała, pp. 44-45
Variant Names:
Dallinger, Leopold
Horodenka (Ukraine); Kolomyi︠a︡ (Ukraine); Lʹviv (Ukraine); Zolochiv (Lʹvivsʹka oblastʹ, Ukraine); Stryĭ (Ukraine); Semeĭ (Kazakhstan); Tehran (Iran); Pitsford (England)
clergy and religious; male; survived