Biography of Monsignor Lucian Chwiecko

Born into a peasant family on November 22, 1889, in Milashevtsy, Sokulsk district, Grodno province. Finished gymnasium in Grodno; in 1911 he graduated from St. Petersburg Seminary and in 1915 he completed a master’s degree in theology at St. Petersburg Theological Academy. Ordained May 31, 1914. He was a vicar of the pro-cathedral church in Petrograd; from November 1915 he was an instructor and steward [ekonom] at the Petrograd Seminary. From October 1918 he was again vicar of the pro-catheral church, and then its pastor from April 1919 to 1923. From October 1920 he was the organizer and secretary of theological courses; in 1921 he traveled out to minister in Gatchin, Kolpino and Pskov. December 5, 1922 – arrested for “resisting the closing of a church,” but soon released. From 1922 he was director of the underground seminary. March 10, 1923 – arrested in Moscow in the case against Catholic clergy (Cieplak et al.). Charged with “participation in a counter-revolutionary organization with the goal of counter-acting the implementation of the decree on the separation of the church from the state.” March 21-26 – an open trial, at which Archbishop Cieplak and Monsignor Budkiewicz were sentenced to death and the prosecutor asked for the death penalty for Father Lucian as well. March 26 – sentenced under Articles 40, 68, 69-1, 119 and 121 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to ten years in prison [Military Tribunal]. Sent to Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp. February 1, 1925 – left for Poland as part of a prisoner exchange. From 1925 he taught religion in a parish in Shimanov outside Warsaw; from 1926, he headed the Missionary Institute in Lublin, founded by Metropolitan Edward Ropp; from 1932 he was pastor of a parish in Shchitniki, Pinsk Diocese; also an instructor of pastoral theology and the Belorussian language at the Pinsk Seminary; from 1933 he held various posts in the Pinsk Diocesan Curia; in 1935 he was made a monsignor. He remained in Pinsk during the Soviet and German occupations. In 1944 (or 1943) he was beaten up by the Germans in Stolbtsy and died in a Pinsk hospital (exact date of death unknown). Sources: Dzwonkowski, pp. 194-195; Shkarovskii, p. 242; Madała, p. 37
Variant Names:
Chwiecko, Lucian; Monsignor Lucian Chwiecko; Khved'ko, Lutsian Antonovich; Khvetsko, Lutsian
Hrodna (Belarus); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Moscow (Russia); Pskov (Russia); Warsaw (Poland); Lublin (Poland); Pinsk (Belarus)
male; clergy and religious; died in prison