Biography of Bishop Vincentos Borisevichius

Born November 23, 1887, in Bebernikai, Vilkavishkis district. Studied at the Theological Seminary in Seiny, and later at the university in Freiburg (Switzerland), where he was ordained. Served as chaplain at the gymnasium in Seiny; from 1926 he was chancellor of the Telshay curia; from 1927, a professor, and then later, rector of Telshay Theological Seminary. From 1940 he was suffragan bishop of Telshay, and from 1944, bishop. He was in Telshay during the German occupation. In 1945, after the return of the Red Army and establishment of Soviet power, Father Vincentos was arrested. He was tortured under investigation, but he did not sign the charges. He was later released. In February 1946 he was again arrested and charged with “contacts with the Lithuanian resistance, anti-Soviet activity and propaganda.” He was transported to Vilnius for further investigation; in January 1947 he was sentenced to death. Shot, in Vilnius Prison (date of sentence and death unknown). Translator's Note: According to an eyewitness, "Bishop Vincentas Borisevicius and Father Pranciskus Gustaitis were shot at the foot of Gediminas Hill in Vilnius, in the yard of the barracks standing beyond the Vilnele River. Early in the morning they brought them in a covered truck, lifted them both out because they could not stand, jammed them back-to-back like shocks of wheat, and killed them with pistol shots to the temple." Nijole Sadunaite, A Radiance in the Gulag, p. 14; List complied by R. Dzwonkowski; Den' skorbi...; Lietuvos aidas, 1998, No. 30
Variant Names:
Borisevichius, Vintsentos; Borisevichius, Vincentos
Vilkaviškis (Lithuania); Fribourg (Switzerland); Telšiai (Lithuania); Vilnius (Lithuania)
male; clergy and religious; executed