Biography of Father Albert Bakinowski

Born February 4, 1893. Graduated from St. Petersburg Theological Seminary and was ordained in 1921. Served as religion teacher in Novaya Mysh outside Minsk; from 1923 he was administrator of a parish in Stanin; from 1927, pastor of parish in Shereshevo, and also served its mission church in Nepomutseny, where he was during the Soviet and German occupations. After the return of the Red Army and the establishment of Soviet rule, Father Albert was arrested and sentenced to prison camp. In 1958, after his release from camp, he left for Poland, where he served in Slizow, Wrocƚaw Diocese. Died September 29, 1978, in Sycow. Source: List compiled by R. Dzwonkowski; Madała, p. 20.
Variant Names:
Bakinovskiĭ, Al'bert; Bakinowski, Albert
Saint Petersburg (Russia); Wrocław (Poland); Wrocław (Poland)
male; clergy and religious; survived