Biography of Father Vintsuk Otvazhny, MIC

Pen name for Fr. Józef Germanowicz, MIC (q.v.). Additional information to be collated with entry for Fr. Germanowicz. Born March 4, 1890, in Halshany, Vilnius province; died December 26, 1978, in London. Catholic priest of the Eastern Rite, a poet and publicist. He studied in Halshany elementary and Ashmyany city schools; in 1913 he graduated from Vilnius Catholic Seminary and was ordained June 29, 1913. He worked in various parishes in Biaƚystok deanery. In 1921 he joined the Society of the Belarusian School; he organized one of the Belarusian schools and preached in Belarusian. This aroused the displeasure of the hierarchy and Fr. Vintsuk was forced to move to Druya where, in 1924, he entered the Congregation of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception. He served as a pastor there and also taught religion and Latin in the local gymnasium. His prose and poetic works regularly appeared on the pages of periodicals (Krynica, Chrysijanskaja Dumka). From 1932 he was involved in missionary work in Harbin where he was also the director of a gymnasium. In 1936 he returned to Vilnius and directed the Belarusian Marian Student House. In 1938 he was deported with the students to central Poland. He went again to Harbin. In 1948 he was arrested by Chinese police and handed over to Soviet security agents. Convicted and sentenced to twenty-five years of forced labor in the camps in Siberia. Released after Stalin’s death. He went to Poland, and then to Italy and finally to Great Britain. He penned memoirs of his time in the camps [China – Siberia – Moscow] which were published in Belorusian, Italian, Polish and Lithuanian. In emigration he edited the journal Bozhim putem (London). Source: List of works by and about Vintsuk Otvazhny, primarily his literary works.
Variant Names:
Otvazhny, Vintsuk; Germanovich, I︠U︡zef
Vilnius (Lithuania); Harbin (China); Poland; London (England)
male; clergy and religious; survived