Biography of Father Stanisƚaw Zientara, SDB

Born in 1886. Entered the Congregation of Salesian Fathers; in 1915 he made his vows and was ordained. During the First World War he lived in London; after the war he worked in a Salesian trade school in Oświęcim, and later was sent to Vilnius. In 1928 he transferred to serve in the Diocese of Lutsk, where he was administrator of the parish in Radiv and a religion teacher in the elementary schools. From 1935 he was a religion teacher in Rivne high schools and was there at the time of the Soviet occupation. Arrested in 1939 and sentenced to prison camp. Sent to a camp in Siberia, where he died (exact date, place and circumstances of his death are unknown). Source: Madała, p. 177
Variant Names:
Zientara, Stanisƚaw; Zentara, Stanislav
London (England); Oświęcim (Poland); Vilnius (Lithuania); Lut︠s︡ʹk (Ukraine); Radiv (Ukraine); Rivnensʹka oblastʹ (Ukraine); Siberia (Russia)
male; clergy and religious; died in prison