Biography of Ivan Łaus

Born into a peasant family in Panevezhis, Kovno province, in 1880. Had an elementary education. Lived in Leningrad, worked as a baker at a bread factory. He was a member of the parish council of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and the organizer of a youth group for the study of Polish literature. July 21, 1930 – arrested in a case against Catholic clergy (Malecki et al.). Charged with “leadership of an illegal Polish national-chauvinist Catholic youth organization.” November 12, 1930 – presented with the indictment. November 21, 1930 – sentenced to three years in corrective labor camp [Troika, OGPU, Leningrad Military District]. Fate thereafter unknown. Sources: Investigatory Matter A.I Malecki et al., Archive of the Directorate, FSB, St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast; Shkarovskii, pp. 269-270
Variant Names:
Łaus, Ivan; Li︠a︡us, Ivan (Kazimir) Ivanovich
Panevėžys (Lithuania); Saint Petersburg (Russia)
male; laity; fate unknown