Biography of Father Stefan Jastrzębski

Born in 1881. Graduated from Zhytomyr Seminary and was ordained in 1907. From 1910 he was vicar in Horodnitsa, at the filial church of the parish in Korets, Novohrad-Volynskyi deanery; from 1914 he was administrator of the parish in Liuboml, Kovel deanery; from 1917, in Brailov. From 1919 he was administrator of St. Barbara Church and religion teacher in Berdychiv, where he was arrested in 1919, and after harassment in prison, was sent to forced labor, cleaning toilets. In 1920 he remained in Poland, served in the parish in Liuboml, Lutsk Diocese, and was there at the time of the German occupation. In 1945, after the war, Fr. Stefan went west, behind the new Polish border; became pastor of the parish in Polichna, Lublin Diocese, where he died June 11, 1960. Source: Dzwonkowski, p. 266
Variant Names:
Jastrzębski, Stefan; I︠A︡srzhembskiĭ, Stefan
Z︠H︡ytomyr (Ukraine); Lut︠s︡ʹk (Ukraine); Vinnyt︠s︡i︠a︡ (Ukraine); Chizhovka (Ukraine); Vinnyt︠s︡i︠a︡ (Ukraine); Lut︠s︡ʹk (Ukraine); Lanivt︠s︡i (Lanovet︠s︡ʹkyĭ raĭon, Ukraine); Brodivsʹkyĭ raĭon (Ukraine); Horodot︠s︡ʹkyĭ raĭon (Ukraine); Koret︠s︡ʹ (Ukraine); Li︠u︡bomlʹ (Ukraine); Brailiv (Ukraine); Berdychiv (Ukraine); Poland; Li︠u︡bomlʹ (Ukraine); Lublin (Poland)
male; clergy and religious; survived