Biography of Father Michaƚ Tomaszewski

Born April 6, 1876. Graduated from the Archdiocesan Seminary in St. Petersburg and was ordained in 1906 for the Archdiocese of Mogiliev. From 1906 he was vicar of the parish in Poƚock; from 1910 he was chaplain in Kursk; from 1912, administrator of the parish in Pridruisk [Piedrujas] and Antushev, outside Gomel; from 1915, in Luga; from 1919, after the re-establishment of the Diocese of Minsk, he became rector of a filial church in Kholevshchizna, and later, pastor of the parish in Kalvaria and then later, in Minsk, where he was arrested along with other priests and laity for “opposing the seizure of church valuables” and sentenced to four years of forced labor [Minsk Revolutionary Tribunal]. Until 1924 he was in Butyrka Prison in Moscow; on April 28, 1924, he was released to Poland as part of a prisoner exchange. From 1926 he served in the Diocese of Pinsk; from 1928 he also worked in the diocesan financial council and the episcopal court. From 1929 he served in the parish in Morochno, outside Pinsk; and then later in Pinsk, where he died February 19, 1934. Source: Dzwonkowski, pp. 484-485
Variant Names:
Tomaszewski, Michaƚ; Tomashevskiĭ, Mikhail Georgievich
Saint Petersburg (Russia); Mahili︠o︡ŭ (Belarus); Polatsk (Belarus); Kursk (Russia); Homelʹskai︠a︡ voblastsʹ (Belarus); Luga (Leningradskai︠a︡ oblastʹ, Russia); Minsk (Belarus); Moscow (Russia); Pinsk (Belarus)
male; clergy and religious; survived