Biography of Father Oktawian Spisacki

Born in 1885. Graduated from Zhytomyr Seminary and was ordained in 1908 for the Diocese of Lutsk-Zhytomyr. From 1910 he was administrator of the parish in Lisianka; from 1920, pastor and dean of the parish in Zvenyhorodka; from 1923 he tended parishes in Pokostovka and other places. He was subjected to arrests followed by release several times. In 1928, under the threat of immediate arrest, he fled to Poland. Served in Kowel and later became pastor and dean in Sarny. From 1929 he was a religion teacher, a prison chaplain, and the director of the diocesan printing press in Łuck [Lutsk]; from 1931 through 1939 he was pastor of the parish in Łokacze [Lokachi]; from 1939 he was pastor in Babiak, Wloclawek Diocese, where he died in 1946 (exact date of death unknown). Source: Dzwonkowski, p. 452
Variant Names:
Spisacki, Oktawian; Spisat︠s︡kiĭ, Octavian
Z︠H︡ytomyr (Ukraine); Lysi︠a︡nka (Ukraine); Zvenyhorodka (Cherkasʹka oblastʹ, Ukraine); Kovelʹ (Ukraine); Lut︠s︡ʹk (Ukraine); Lokachi (Ukraine); Włocławek (Poland : Voivodeship)
male; clergy and religious; survived