Biography of Father Ludwik Sewerin, SJ

Born in 1906 in Czerniawka, Poland. In 1921 he entered the Society of Jesus, where he spent a two-year probationary period and then in 1923 made his vows. In 1927 he graduated from the Jesuits’ gymnasium and enrolled in the philosophy department of Kraków University; in 1928 he transferred to the philosophy department at Louvain University in Belgium. Returned to Poland in 1930. He graduated from the theology department of Catholic University in Lublin and was ordained in 1935. He served at St. Joseph Church in Lviv and was there at the time of the Soviet and German occupations. He actively aided members of the Home Army, giving them the use of his apartment for their illegal meetings. December 8, 1945 – after the return of the Red Army and establishment of Soviet rule – Fr. Ludwig was arrested and drawn into the investigation in a case against Catholic clergy and laity, “members of the Home Army.” In the indictment his activity in the Home Army was described as follows: “Being of an anti-Soviet disposition, he joined the Home Army, an anti-Soviet, nationalistic, Polish organization, which had as its goal the reestablishment of Poland within the boundaries that obtained prior to 1939, by means of an armed campaign. He fulfilled the functions of being the owner of a conspiratorial apartment that served as a transfer and distribution point for the Home Army organization, where they obtained food packages, correspondence and monetary funds.” March 1, 1946 – sentenced under Articles 58-1(a) and 58-11 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to ten years in corrective labor camp with loss of rights for five years and confiscation of property [Special Board, USSR Ministry of State Security]. Sent to Dzhezkazganskoye sector of Steplag in Karaganda oblast; released January 20, 1955. In 1956 he left for Poland, where he died (exact date and place of death unknown). Source: Osipova (1996), p. 198; Investigatory Matter 3210, Archive of the Directorate, SBU, Lviv oblast; Madała, p. 138
Variant Names:
Sewerin, Ludwik; Severin, Li︠u︡dvig Vavzhinovich
Czerniawka (Poland); Kraków (Poland); Louvain (Belgium); L'viv (Ukraine); Zhezqazghan (Kazakhstan)
male; clergy and religious; survived