Biography of Father Alexander Sak

Born into an Orthodox family in Mogilievsk on August 14, 1890. He was preparing to become an Orthodox priest, but after his conversion to Catholicism he graduated from the Catholic Archdiocesan Seminary in St. Petersburg and was ordained in 1917 for the Archdiocese of Mogiliev. He served in parishes in Mozyr, Koydanava [nka Dzyarzhynsk] and Khoyniki. Participated in the Congress of Belorussian Catholic Priests (May 24-25, 1917). From 1919 to 1921 he was pastor in Svetilovitsk and administrator in Shklov. Archdiocesan officials intended to send him to serve in Petrograd, but he asked to be allowed to remain in Belorussia. On November 17, 1929, during Mass in Mozyr, he renounced his priesthood and later married. November 21, 1929 – Orka, a Polish-language Soviet newspaper published in Minsk, published the text of his renunciation, which had clearly been fabricated by the GPU. He was subsequently subjected more than once to arrests and internal exile and most likely in 1937 he was arrested, sentenced to death and shot. He was one of four priests in Belorussia who renounced their priesthood. Source: Dzwonkowski, p. 423
Variant Names:
Sak, Alexander; Sak, Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Saint Petersburg (Russia); Mahili︠o︡ŭ (Belarus); Mazyr (Belarus)
male; clergy and religious; executed