Biography of Roger Ubi

Born in 1918 in Kaen [Cologne?], Germany. Entered the monastery in Belgium. In 1940, after Belgium was taken by German forces, he was deported to Germany and placed in Buchenwald Concentration Camp. In September 1945, after Soviet soldiers arrived in Germany, he was “liberated” from Buchenwald, transported to the Soviet Union and sent to Vorkutlag. In May 1954 he was transferred to Perm Camp, and then in 1955, to Kolyma. Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Pokaianie, p. 355
Variant Names:
Ubi, Roger; Ubi, Rodzher
Cologne (Germany); Belgium; Weimar (Germany); Komi (Russia); Permʹ (Russia); Kolyma (Russia)
male; laity; fate unknown