Biography of Dr. Leonid Titov

Born August 8, 1883, in Moscow. Finished post-secondary education and became a doctor. Resided in Moscow, worked as an academic associate. In 1919 he was arrested but released four months later. In 1921 he was again arrested, then released three months later. In 1930 he became acquainted with Fr. Sergey Soloviev and under his tutelage he clandestinely converted to Catholicism, joined Fr. Sergey’s community and attended the illegal Masses that Fr. Sergey celebrated in parishioners’ apartments. In 1931 he became acquainted with Bishop Pius Neveu and under his guidance he was preparing to become a priest. In 1934 he became acquainted with Archbishop Bartholemew Remov and told him of his wish to enter monastic life. February 22, 1935 – arrested in Moscow in a case against the illegal Vysoko-Petrovsky Monastery. March 7, 1935 – indicted on charges that he was a “member of a Catholic group of a counter-revolutionary organization attached to an illegal monastery; possession of counter-revolutionary manuscripts; and active religious propaganda among his patients.” April 26, 1935 – sentenced under Articles 58-10 and 58-11 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to five years in corrective labor camp [Special Board, NKVD]. Sent to Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp. In 1936 he was arrested in the camp on false charges. October 24, 1936 – sentenced to five years in corrective labor camp with loss of rights for five years. Sentence was annulled on December 19, 1936, but his file was sent off for further inspection. August 9, 1937 – sentenced to five years in corrective labor camp. February 14, 1938 – sentenced to death [Special Troika, NKVD Directorate, Leningrad oblast]. February 17, 1938 – shot, in Leningrad Prison. Sources :Archive of the Directorate, FSB, Arkhangelsk oblast; Dzwonkowski, pp. 480-481; Osipova (1996), p. 203; Investigatory Matter Varfolomei Remov i dr., Central Archive, FSB, Russian Federation
Variant Names:
Titov, Leonid; Titov, Leonid Timofeevich
Moscow (Russia); Solovetski Island (Russia); Saint Petersburg (Russia)
male; laity; executed