Biography of Nijolé Sadunaite

Born July 22, 1938, in Dotnuv, Lithuania. Baptized on October 2, 1938. In 1955 she graduated from the 11-grade high school in Anykstae. Graduated from a nursing program and worked as a school secretary. August 27, 1974 – arrested; during the search the police found in her possession a copy of the underground publication Chronicles of the Catholic Church in Lithuania. She was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Vilnius, and then to Nowa Wilejka [Naujoji Vilnia]. At a trial held in the summer of 1975, she was sentenced to three years in corrective labor camp and three years exile in Siberia. Sent to the camp in the Varashevsk sector of Dubravlag (Yavas, Zubovo-Polyansk region, Mordovian ASSR), where she arrived July 18. In the camp her faith grew even stronger. On August 24, 1977, she was released from the camp and exiled to Siberia. She found herself in Boguchany, outside Krasnoyarsk; worked as a janitress in a school; and from November 2, in the x-ray department of a hospital. July 7, 1980 – released from exile and returned to Lithuania. Ministry of State Security agents for many years would not leave her in peace because she actively stood up for the rights of the repressed. Source: N. Sadunaite, Golles Untergrundkainplerin; see also A Radiance in the Gulag: The Catholic Witness of Nijolé Sadunaite
Variant Names:
Sadunaite, Nijolé; Sadunaĭte, Niĭole
Dotnuva (Lithuania); Anykščiai (Lithuania); Vilnius (Lithuania); Naujoji Vilnia (Vilnius, Lithuania); Mordovii︠a︡ (Russia); Krasnoi︠a︡rsk (Russia)
female; laity; survived