Biography of Father Kazimierz Romaszkan

Born December 11, 1909, in Tyszkowce, outside Gorodenki. Graduated from the Armenian College and the Gregorian University in Rome with a master’s degree in theology; ordained in 1935 as a Catholic priest of the Armenian rite. He was vicar of the Armenian parish in Stanisƚawów; from 1937 he was vicar of the parish and the religion teacher at St. Benedict Armenian Lycee in Lwów and was there at the time of the Soviet and German occupations. In 1944 – after the return of the Red Army and establishment of Soviet rule – Fr. Kazimierz became pastor of the Armenian rite pro-cathedral and an honorary canon of the Armenian rite Metropolitan chapter. From 1945 he served in Brzeżany. August 24, 1945 – arrested and sent to Lwów for further investigation. March 8-9, 1946 – at a closed trial, he was sentenced under Article 54-1(a) of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to fifteen years in corrective labor camp [Military Tribunal, NKVD, Lviv oblast]. Sent to Vorkutlag (Vorkuta, Komi ASSR); later transferred to Norillag (Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk krae), where he was a construction worker. October 25, 1955 – released from the camp. In 1956 he departed to Poland. He served in Wrocƚaw; from 1957 he was administrator of the parish in Marcinkowice; in the 1960s he tended the parish in Katowice; from 1969 he was pastor and dean of the Armenian parish of the Most Holy Trinity in Gliwice; from 1971 he was Vicar General for Catholics of the Armenian rite in Poland. Died December 1, 1973, in Zabrze. Source: Archive of the Directorate, SBU, Lviv oblast; list compiled by R. Dzwonkowski, SAC; Madała, p. 131
Variant Names:
Romaszkan, Kazimierz; Romashkan, Kazimir Nikolaevich
Tyshkivtsi (Horodenka, Ukraine); Rome (Italy); Ivano-Frankivsʹk (Ukraine); Berez︠h︡any (Ukraine); L'viv (Ukraine); Vorkuta (Komi, Russia); Norilʹsk (Russia); Wrocław (Poland); Katowice (Poland); Gliwice (Poland); Zabrze (Poland)
male; clergy and religious; survived