Biography of Father Jakob Rosenbach

Born in 1885 in Marienfeld [a German colony on the Lower Volga]. Graduated from Saratov Seminary and studied at the Catholic Theological Academy in St. Petersburg. Ordained in 1909. From 1912 he served in Yamburg, Yekaterinoslav deanery; from 1928 he was pastor of the parish in Kamenskoye, outside Dnepropetrovsk, where he was arrested on October 12, 1929. In February 1930 he was sentenced under Articles 54-10, 170 and 111 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to five years in corrective labor camp [Special Collegium, Denpropetrovsk Dist. Ct.]. Sent to Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp, where he arrived April 23. In 1932 he was transferred to Anzer Island where, on July 5, he was arrested in a case against Catholic clergy, who were charged with “creation of an anti-Soviet group that carried out anti-Soviet agitation; secretly celebrated Mass and religious rites; and maintained an illegal contact with a free person for the purpose of transmitting abroad information of an espionage nature about the situation of Catholics in the USSR.” In an interrogation during the investigation, he stated: “As for Catholicism, I am not changing my convictions. I remain just as faithful as I was prior to my arrest and imprisonment in the camp. I have no hatred toward the Soviet regime. But I will never support atheism and I will not act against my personal conscience.” The investigation petitioned for an increase of his term to ten years,” but he remained at Solovetsky under his previous sentence. In November 1933 he was released from the camp but restricted from living in the twelve largest cities and the border districts for five years. From 1934 he lived in Kursk, where he was arrested during the night of December 6/7, 1937. Charged with being an “agent of Polish and German intelligence and a member of a fascist espionage organization.” January 2, 1938 – sentenced to death under Articles 58-10 and 58-11 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR [NKVD Collegium and USSR Office of Public Prosecutor]. April 10, 1938 – shot. Sources: Archive of the Directorate, Ministry of the Interior, Kursk oblast; Osipova (1996), p. 194; Investigatory Matters 95215 and 590614, Central Archive, FSB, Russian Federation; Investigatory Matter 6906, Archive of the Directorate, FSB, Kursk oblast; Dzwonkowski, p. 412; Madała, p. 133; Schnurr, p. 366
Variant Names:
Rosenbach, Jakob; Rozenbakh, I︠A︡kov Iosifovich
Novosibirsk (Russia); Saratov (Russia); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Kingisepp (Russia); Kamenskoe (Moscow, Russia); Kursk (Russia)
male; clergy and religious; executed