Biography of Father Wacƚaw Rodzko

Born in 1888. Graduated from seminary in Vilnius and was ordained in 1910. He was a vicar in Grodno; in 1920 he became pastor in Golszany (Golshany); from 1929 he was pastor in the parish in Stare Wasiliszki, and from 1938, in the parish in Traby, outside Woƚożyn, and was there at the time of the Soviet occupation. May 22, 1940 – Fr. Wacƚaw was killed as he went along the road to visit a sick person. His decapitated body was found later. Source: List compiled by R. Dzwonkowski, SAC; Madała, p. 130
Variant Names:
Rodzko, Wacƚaw; Rodz'ko, Vat︠s︡lav
Vilnius (Lithuania); Hrodna (Belarus); Golʹshany (Belarus); Staryye Vasilishki (Belarus); Traby (Belarus)
male; clergy and religious; executed