Biography of Monsignor Piotr Roginski

Born September 15, 1896, in St. Petersburg. His parents moved to Vilnius, where he graduated from high school in 1918 and entered Vilnius Seminary. In 1920 – during the Polish Soviet War – he joined the Polish Army as a volunteer. In 1921 he was ordained and entered Vilnius University where he studied the history of the Catholic Church. From 1923 he was vicar of Holy Spirit Church in Vilnius; from 1926 he was a religion teacher in an agricultural school in Zhirovitsy; from 1930 he was pastor of the parish in Velka Zhesha, outside Vilnius; was there at the time of the Soviet occupation. In 1939 he was arrested and ten months later sentenced to a prison camp. Sent to Arkhbumlag (Mechke-Poloy, Arkhangelsk oblast). In 1942 he was amnestied as a Polish citizen and released from the camp. He became a chaplain of the 7th Heavy Artillery Regiment of Anders’ Army. In 1944, together with a transport of Polish refugees, he went to Tanganyika and served there in Morongoro and Tengeru. From 1948 he lived in England where he served in various parishes; he founded a Polish school and headed the construction of the Church of Our Lady of Ostra Bama; became a monsignor [prelat]. After his retirement he lived in Birmingham, where he died June 9, 1985. Source: List compiled by R. Dzwonkowski, SAC; Madała, pp. 130-131
Variant Names:
Roginski, Piotr; Roginskiĭ, Petr
Saint Petersburg (Russia); Vilnius (Lithuania); Zhirovichi (Belarus); Arkhangelʹskai︠a︡ oblastʹ (Russia); Tanzania; Birmingham (England)
male; clergy and religious; survived