Biography of Father Francisk Rachiunas, SJ

Entered the Society of Jesus, made his perpetual vows and was ordained. In 1949 the authorities demanded that he leave religious life. When he refused, he was arrested on charges on “espionage on behalf of the Vatican” and sentenced to twenty-five years in corrective labor camp [Special Board, USSR Ministry of State Security]. Sent to Vorkutlag and then transferred to Tayshetlag, and later to Temlag (Yavas, Zubovo-Polyansk region, Mordovian ASSR); released after sixteen years. In 1990 he became pastor of St. Louis Church in Moscow. He was a very open person, he lived modestly, and his heart responded to the needs of all people. In 1991, after the organization of the Apostolic Administration in Moscow, he departed for Lithuania where he continued to serve right up until his death, August 24, 1997. Source: Gnedkov, “Nashi pastyri,” Svet Evangeliia, 31.01.1999
Variant Names:
Rachiunas, Francisk; Rachiunas, Frant︠s︡isk
Mordovii︠a︡ (Russia); Moscow (Russia); Lithuania
male; clergy and religious; survived