Biography of Father Piotr Pupin

Born in 1912 outside Voloshyne (Ukraine). Graduated from high school in Disne. During his high school years he published a newspaper and was leader of the “Marian Sodality.” In 1933 he entered the seminary in Vilnius and after graduation in 1939 he was ordained. He was vicar and religion teacher at the parish in Maladzechna; in 1939 he became pastor of the parish in Choszewo [Khozhevo], outside Maladzechna, and was there at the time of the Soviet and German occupations. In 1942 he became a chaplain of a subunit of the Home Army. After the return of the Red Army and establishment of Soviet rule, he returned to his parish. In 1949 he was arrested and sentenced to ten (?) years in corrective labor camp. Sent to Vorkutlag (Vorkuta, Komi ASSR), and later was transferred to Ob Camp (Salekhard, Tyumen oblast); released in 1956. He became pastor in the parish in Rubezhevichi, outside Stolbtsy, Diocese of Pinsk, where he was deprived of his registration [to exercise his priestly ministry] because he had invited seminary friends to the twenty-fifth jubilee of his priestly ordination. From 1971 he served in Raków, outside Maladzechna, and also tended other parishes that had been left without a priest. Died in Vilnius August 10, 1979. Source: List compiled by R. Dzwonkowski, SAC; Madała, p. 129
Variant Names:
Pupin, Piotr; Pupin, Petr
Voloshyne (Ukraine); Dzisna (Belarus); Vilnius (Lithuania); Maladzechna (Belarus); Khozhevo (Belarus); Vorkuta (Komi, Russia); Rakaŭ (Belarus)
male; clergy and religious; survived