Biography of Father Józef Panas

Born November 25, 1887, in Odrzykoń, outside Krosno. He graduated from gymnasium and seminary in Przemyśl; ordained in 1911. He served as vicar of the parish in Dubliany, and later became a religion teacher in the parish of Dobromil; he also joined Polish national organizations. From 1914 he was associated with the Polish Legion and served as their chaplain; he was arrested and tried by the tsarist government. In 1918 he took part in the struggle with Ukrainians for Przemyśl and Lwów; from 1918, as chaplain, he took part in the Polish-Soviet War. After 1925 he was demobilized and began to work in the Peasant Party. Fr. Józef wrote many articles and memoirs and was honored with state awards by Poland. During the Soviet occupation his status in Lwów became illegal; he was the subject of a search by the NKVD, and was subsequently arrested. In 1940 he died along with other chaplains (exact date and place of death unknown). The Polish Military Bishop, Józef Gawlina, not being aware of his death, had intended to name him dean of the Polish Army. Source: List compiled by R. Dzwonkowski, SAC; Madała, p. 121
Variant Names:
Panas, Józef; Panas', I︠U︡zef
Odrzykoń (Poland); Przemyśl (Poland); Dubliany (Ukraine); Dobromylʹ (Ukraine)
male; clergy and religious; died in prison