Biography of Walerian Obuchowicz

Born December 22, 1906, in Polotsk (Belorussia), into the family of an employee of the Cadets Corps. He was orphaned early; as a teenager he found himself in the Caucasus where he worked as a shepherd. Fr. Antoni Czerwiński, the pastor in Vladikavkaz, found him, took him into his own home and tended to his education. Walerian finished the ninth grade as an extern student. He mastered several languages. He completed bookkeeping courses and worked in the office of the Northern Caucasus Railroad as an accountant; in addition, he was an organist at the church and Fr. Antoni’s personal secretary. According to parishioners, the priest wanted to prepare Walerian for the priesthood. In 1930, he married, then had children. December 2, 1936 – arrested in a case against clergy and laity (Czerwiński et al.). The charges stated that he “not only backed the anti-Soviet speeches of the accused, Czerwiński, he himself spoke out, slandering the policies and measures undertaken by the Soviet government.” November 1-2, 1937 – sentenced to ten years in corrective labor camp. Sent to Sevzheldorlag (Kniazh-Pogost, Ust-Vymsk region, Komi ASSR), where he worked on the construction of the railroad and later became a bookkeeper. The change of work to something much lighter helped him survive. In 1948 he was released from the camp. He remained in the special settlement (Likun Station, Komi ASSR), where he also worked as a bookkeeper at the railcar depot. Here his family, previously banished, was able to join him. In 1958 Walerian and his family moved to Grozny, where he continued to work in his specialty for the railroad. He always kept his faith, and for every vacation he went to places where there were functioning churches. He and his family visited Lviv, Kaunas, Vilnius, Riga, Leningrad, Moscow, Tbilisi, Zhytomyr. He died January 27, 1971, and was buried in Grozny. Source: Archive of the Directorate, FSB, Republic of Northern Osetia-Alania; Information provided by Ekaterina Obuchowicz.
Variant Names:
Obuchowicz, Walerian; Obukhovich, Valerian Stanislavovich
Polatsk (Belarus); Caucasus; Vladikavkaz (Russia); Ustʹ-Vymskiĭ raĭon ( Komi, Russia); L'viv (Ukraine); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Moscow (Russia); Tʻbilisi (Georgia); Tʻbilisi (Georgia)
male; laity; survived