Biography of Father Stefan Myszkowski, OFM, Capuchin

Born August 3, 1903, in Nowe Miasto (Poland). In 1925 he entered the Capuchin Order. He studied at seminaries in Holland and France and was ordained in Nantes in 1925. After his return to Poland he worked as a missionary for parish missions, and also looked after Third Order Sisters in Łomża, Zakroczym and Lublin. In 1939 he was at the priory in Łomża and remained there during the Soviet occupation. In June 1940 all the Capuchin friars were arrested except Fr. Stefan, who was off the priory grounds at the time of the arrests. He was later arrested and sent to Minsk Prison where he was sentenced to a prison camp. In 1941 he was sent to Vorkutlag. In 1942 he was amnestied as a Polish citizen and released from the camp. He became a chaplain in Anders’ Army and after the army’s exit from the USSR into Iran, he was sent to Beirut. He later served among Poles who had been rescued from the camps and brought to South Africa. After 1945 he served in Polish parishes in Holland, and he later went to Australia, where he died September 11, 1956. Madała, p. 113
Variant Names:
Myszkowski, Stefan; Myshkovskiĭ, Stefan
Nowe Miasto (Warsaw, Poland); Holland; France; Łomża (Poland); Lublin (Poland); Zakroczym (Poland); Iran; Beirut (Lebanon); South Africa; Australia
male; clergy and religious; survived