Biography of Julian Mojsewicz

Born in 1910 in Misovaya, Pribaikal krae. Graduated from Warsaw University and worked in Poland as a teacher. In September 1939, fleeing from the Germans, he crossed the Hungarian border, where he was interned and placed in a camp for refugees. He escaped from the camp and on January 9, 1940, he was arrested in Drohobych oblast, where Soviet rule had already been established. September 11, 1940 – sentenced under Article 80 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to three years in corrective labor camp [NKVD Directorate, Drohobych oblast]. October 23, 1940 – sent to Ukhtizhemlag. September 5, 1941 – amnestied as a Polish citizen and released from the camp. In December he left for Buzuluk, Chkalov oblast, where units of Anders’ Army were forming. Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Investigatory Matter 26838 fn, Archive TsGAOO (Ukraine)
Variant Names:
Mojsewicz, Julian; Moĭsevich, I︠U︡lian Andreevich
Pribaĭkalʹskiĭ raĭon (Russia); Warsaw (Poland); Hungry; Drohobych (Ukraine); Buzuluk (Russia)
male; laity; fate unknown