Biography of Vyacheslav Mlotsinski

Born in 1898 in Belgorod. Graduated from gymnasium; from 1917 through 1919 he studied at the Polytechnical Institute in Kiev, and after graduation he worked as head bookkeeper at Rabselkoop and was a parishioner of one of the churches. December 1, 1931 – arrested in a case against Catholic clergy and laity (Andruszewicz et al.). Charged with “espionage on behalf of Poland.” June 18, 1931 – sentenced under Article 54-6 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to ten years in corrective labor camp [Special Troika, GPU Collegium, UkrSSR]. Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Investigatory Matter 29675 fp, Archive TsGAOO (Ukraine)
Variant Names:
Mlotsinski, Vyacheslav; Mlot︠s︡inskiĭ, Vi︠a︡cheslav Nikolaevich
Bilhorod-Dnistrovsʹkyĭ (Ukraine); Kiev (Ukraine )
male; laity; fate unknown