Biography of Father Vladas Mironas

Born in 1880 in Kuodishkiai, Rokishkis district. Graduated from the Archdiocesan Seminary and the Catholic Theological Academy in St. Petersburg and was ordained in 1904. He served in Alytus and was also a prominent public figure. In 1926 he was elected to the Seimas [Lithuanian Parliament]; he at first filled the post of chairman of the government and temporarily that of Minister of Agriculture. He was later Prime Minister of Lithuania [March 1938 – March 1939]. He remained in Alytus even after the annexation of Lithuania to the USSR. September 12, 1940 – Fr. Vladas was arrested and, after numerous interrogations, he was indicted – but he was released in June 1941. He remained in Alytus during the German occupation and after the return of the Red Army and establishment of Soviet rule. December 20, 1944 – again arrested. During the investigation he was offered the chance to be released if he would agree to “voluntary” collaboration with the MGB, and Fr. Vladas agreed to collaborate with Soviet authorities, but he excluded surveillance and denunciations of his entourage. February 2, 1945 – released from prison. True, he was put under observation and denunciations concerning Fr. Vladas’ “anti-Soviet activity” were regularly submitted to the MGB [Ministry of State Security]. March 5, 1946 – again arrested, but released on March 22 after several interrogations. January 3, 1947 – again arrested and sent for further investigation to the inner prison in Vilnius. Charged with “social-political activity in independent Lithuania; support of the local army of [General Povilas] Plekhavichius that had been created during the German occupation; aiding the nationalistic underground; and correspondence with Stasys Lozoraitis [prominent Lithuanian diplomat, 1898-1983; highest de jure official of independent Lithuania], who lived in Rome.” August 23, 1947 – sentenced to seven years in prison [Special Board, USSR Ministry of State Security]. Sent to Vladimir Prison where he died February 18, 1953. We present excerpts from materials from the investigatory file. On September 19, 1945, agent “Nina” reported on Fr. Vladas’ “visit with Catholic priests and representatives of the intelligentsia.” February 5, 1945 – agent “Matas” reported that Fr. Vladas “does not harbor sympathies toward the Soviet regime.” An agent was given the assignment of establishing a close relationship with Fr. Vladas, dropping in to check up on him and studying his attitude and views with respect to Lithuanian “bandits” in his circle of friends. In April 1946 agent “Jokubas” reported that a man in peasant clothing had come to visit Fr. Vladas. In their conversation, Fr. Vladas told him that he tried as much as possible to keep away from politics – he explained that “a frightened crow will fear even a bush” and he, therefore, does not go anywhere and he invites no one to visit him.” June 3, 1947 – in the record book of the head of the MGB it was noted that “during the whole time of his work, Fr. Vladas has not given any information worthy of operative attention. Although he is connected with prominent Lithuanian “nationalistic” bishops – Reinis, Matulianis, Paltarokas and Fr. Biliauskas – he has not conducted surveillance on them. He hid in his apartment a well-known Lithuanian state figure, helping him materially, but he never reported anything about this. He has shown no patriotic activity at all.” Source: Den’ skorbi…; Lietuvos aidas (1998), no. 30; list compiled by R. Dzwonkowski, SAC
Variant Names:
Mironas, Vladas
Rokiškis (Lithuania); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Alytus (Lithuania); Vilnius (Lithuania)
male; clergy and religious; died in prison