Biography of Franc Milewski

Born into a family of the nobility in 1871 in Buda Makariv, Kiev district. Had an elementary education. Resided in Buda Makariv, worked on his own farmstead and was a parishioner of the local church. January 23, 1930 – arrested in a case against the “Makariv Catholic-religious community, which actively conducted anti-Soviet work in the village.” In the indictment he was stated to be a “zealous Polish patriot who had a negative attitude toward the Soviet regime and carried out anti-Soviet work in the village, setting peasants against the Soviet regime.” May 9, 1930 – sentenced under Article 54-10 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to three years in corrective labor camp; sentence was suspended [Special Troika, GPU Collegium, UkrSSR]. Released from custody. Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Investigatory Matter 62016 fp, Archive TsGAOO (Ukraine)
Variant Names:
Milewski, Franc; Milevskiĭ, Frants Antonovich
Makarivsʹkyĭ raĭon (Ukraine)
male; laity; fate unknown