Biography of Bishop Kazimierz Michaƚkiewicz

Born February 1, 1865, on the estate of Hopeniszki, Wiƚkomierz, Diocese of Żmudź. Graduated from Catholic Seminary in St. Petersburg and was ordained October 23, 1888. From 1888 he was vicar of St. Anthony parish in Vitebsk and also tended the parish in Warków, Dolnodźwiński deanery. From 1891 he was pastor and dean of a parish in Birżagol in the same deanery. From 1896 he was pastor of the parish in Kronstadt, where he was also a military chaplain and a high school religion teacher. He was at the same time studying at the Catholic Theological Academy in St. Petersburg, where he completed a master’s degree in theology in 1909. From 1902 he was pastor of one of the parishes on Golden Hill in Minsk, where he reestablished the celebration of the Mass in Polish (previously forbidden by Russian authorities), and his brilliant sermons and solemn liturgies fostered the return to the faith of many residents of Minsk. Fr. Kazimierz devoted a lot of attention to charitable work. Having become dean in Minsk, he began an energetic campaign of religious education, founding “Living Rosary” groups and a community of Third Order Franciscans. September 15, 1908 – after Bishop Edward Ropp had been expelled from Vilnius, Fr. Kazimierz became Vicar General of the Diocese of Vilnius. He learned Lithuanian and Latvian for his pastoral work in the Baltic States. During the night of June 19/20, 1918, after the German occupation of Vilnius, he was arrested and transported to Germany, but in November he returned to Minsk. August 18, 1920 – during the Polish-Soviet War, he was arrested by the Bolsheviks, sent to Moscow and held in the inner prison of the GPU in Lubyanka. Thanks to the intervention of the Lithuanian government, he was released and returned to Vilnius. January 12, 1923 – appointed suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of Vilnius; his episcopal consecration took place on June 10, 1923. From 1923 he was Vicar General of the Diocese [after 1926, Archdiocese] of Vilnius and visitator of monasteries and religious communities. Died in Vilnius on February 16, 1940 – buried in Vilnius. Source: Dzwonkowski, pp. 354-355
Variant Names:
Michaƚkiewicz, Kazimierz; Mikhalkevich, Kazimir Nikolaĭ I︠U︡stinovich
Ukmergė (Lithuania); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Vitsebsk (Belarus); Minsk (Belarus); Vilnius (Lithuania); Moscow (Russia)
male; clergy and religious; survived