Biography of Father David Mailland, AA

A French brother of the Augustinians of the Assumption. Served in Turkey and Bulgaria. October 6, 1917 – arrived in Makeyevka (Donets Basin) to help Fr. Eugene Neveu, AA. In 1926 Bishop Neveu ordained him with the right only to celebrate Holy Mass [ad solam missam]. He was more than once persecuted by GPU organs on suspicion of espionage. In 1927 the authorities forbade him to celebrate “Polish rites.” In 1927, Stanisƚawa Pankiewicz and Sergey Kolchakov, who had helped Fr. David with his household, were arrested and sent to Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp. He was subsequently forbidden, as a foreigner, to carry out any ministry. October 7, 1929 – in connection with an illness, he left Russia. April 9, 1932 – died in France. Source: Dzwonkowski, pp. 340-341
Variant Names:
Mailland, David; Maĭan, David
Turkey; Bulgaria; France
male; clergy and religious; survived