Biography of Father Matas Layauskas

Born in 1872 in Lithuania. Graduated from Vilnius Seminary and was ordained in 1897. Completed a master’s degree in theology at the Catholic Theological Academy in St. Petersburg; later became a professor of theology. From 1924 he was pastor of the parish in Moletai, Lithuania, and remained there after the annexation of Lithuania to the USSR. At the end of June 1941, with the retreat of the Red Army, Fr. Matas was shot and his body was thrown into a swamp outside Moletai (exact date of death unknown). July 5, 1941 – after the departure of the Red Army, his remains were recovered and buried by his parishioners. Sources: Den’ skorbi…; Lietuvos aidas (1998), No. 30; list compiled by R. Dzwonkowski, SAC
Variant Names:
Layauskas, Matas; Lai︠a︡uskas, Matas
Lithuania; Vilnius (Lithuania); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Molėtai (Lithuania)
male; clergy and religious; executed