Biography of Father Heronim Kwiatkowski

Born in 1913 in Svidovo, Chertoksk district, Tarnopol province. Graduated from Lwów Seminary and was ordained in 1938. He was a high school religion teacher in Zhidachow and was there at the time of the Soviet and German occupations. After the return of the Red Army and establishment of Soviet rule, Fr. Heronim became the pastor of St. Anthony of Padua parish in Lviv. Arrested in 1949. May 24, 1950 – sentenced under Article 54-10(1) of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to ten years in corrective labor camp with loss of rights for five years and banishment beyond the bounds of Ukraine for ten years [Lviv Dist. Ct.]. He arrived in Norillag in September; he was at first a lab assistant in a chemistry lab in a factory; from 1953 he worked at a construction site; in early 1956 he was transferred to work in a mine. January 12, 1956 – granted an early release from Norillag. Left for Lviv where, on May 23, 1956, he was once again arrested and exiled to Mostov region, Krasnoyarsk krae, where he arrived July 16; released November 15. Exited the USSR for Poland; served in Wrocƚaw; in 1958 he moved to Italy and then later, to England, where he died (exact date and place of death unknown). Sources: Archive of Krasnoyarsk Memorial; Sibiryak, Belostok, 1991 (No. 6), p. 50; list compiled by R. Dzwonkowski, SAC; Madała, p. 95
Variant Names:
Kwiatkowski, Heronim; Kvi︠a︡tkovskiĭ, Heronim (Geronim) Antonovich
Ternopilʹ (Ukraine); Lʹviv (Ukraine); Z︠H︡ydachivsʹkyĭ raĭon (Ukraine); Lʹviv (Ukraine); Norilʹsk (Russia); Lʹviv (Ukraine); Krasnoi︠a︡rskiĭ kraĭ (Russia); Wrocław (Poland); Italy; England
male; clergy and religious; survived