Biography of Father Wƚadysƚaw Kamiński

Born July 26, 1863. Graduated from the Catholic Seminary in St. Petersburg and was ordained in 1892 for the Archdiocese of Mogiliev. From 1896 he was vicar of the parish in Tobolsk, and then later, in Krasnoyarsk; from 1898 he was administrator of the parish in Chita; from 1917, in Blagoveshchensk where he was arrested in 1924 and held in prison for a whole year. February 1, 1935 – released to Poland as part of a prisoner exchange. Served in the Diocese of Lublin; later became a chaplain in a Franciscan Missionary house in Łabuń, outside Zamość ; from 1945 he was a canon of the chapter in Zamość. July 7, 1950 – died in Łabuń. Source: Dzwonkowski, p. 277; Madała, p. 74
Variant Names:
Kaminskiĭ, Vladislav; Kamiński, Wƚadysƚaw
Saint Petersburg (Russia); Tobolʹsk (Russia); Lublin (Poland); Łabuń (Poland)
male; clergy and religious; survived