Biography of Father Alfons Jędrzejewski

Born November 30, 1865, in Kowal, outside Wƚocƚawek. In 1891 he entered the monastery of the Pauline Fathers at Jasna Góra, Częstochowa. Graduated from seminary in Wƚacƚawek and was ordained in 1893. From 1895 he served at the monastery in Częstochowa; from 1914, in Dorpat [Tartu], Estonia; from 1915, at St. Catherine parish in Petrograd where he was also a military chaplain. He later taught at the seminary and was at the same time a religion teacher and editor of a newspaper; in 1917 he organized the Society of Christian Democracy in Petrograd, for which the Bolsheviks sought to arrest him, but he evaded them and secretly left Petrograd. He served in Vitebsk and also tended parishes in Zhlobin [Żƚobin] and Minsk. He later returned to Poland, where he served at the monastery in Częstochowa; he later went to Rome where he worked as a publicist and engaged in charitable work. He received both church and secular awards for his wide-ranging activity on behalf of the faith and Christian culture. Died in Poland (exact date and place of death unknown). Source: Dzwonkowski, p. 269.
Variant Names:
Endzheevskii, Al'fons Frantishek; Jędrzejewski, Alfons
Kowal (Poland); Twierdza Jasna Góra (Częstochowa, Poland); Tartu (Estonia); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Vitsebsk (Belarus)
male; clergy and religious; survived