Biography of Georg Dinges

Born in 1891 in the Volga German colony of Blumenfeld. Educated at Moscow Univesity, graduating in 1917. Was a professor of German philology at the University of Saratov; he was authorized by the German Catholic Union to sort through the archives and participate in the acquisition of books on the history and culture of the German people for the library of the Pedagogical Institute in Pokrovsk. In 1930 – arrested in the case against German Catholic clergy and laity. Charged with “espionage and active anti-Soviet nationalistic-chauvinistic agitation.” His file was set aside for separate handling. Convicted. Fate thereafter unknown. Translator’s Note: Other sources indicate he died in July 1932 in Kolpashevo, north of Tomsk, western Siberia. Source: Investigatory Matter 95315, Central Archive, FSB, Russian Federation; see also: Center for Volga German Studies > History > Biographies (
Variant Names:
Dinges, Georgii Genrikhovich; Dinges, Georg
T︠S︡vetochnoe (Volgogradskai︠a︡ oblastʹ, Russia); Saratov (Russia); Kolpashevo (Russia)
laity; male; fate unknown