Biography of Ivan Deibner

Born in 1904 in Saratov into the family of an Eastern Rite Catholic priest [Fr. Johannes Deibner]. Finished high school in Petrograd; belonged to the Russian [Eastern Rite] Catholic Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. After 1918 he worked as a bookkeeper for the silk industry board. August 2, 1937 – arrested in Leningrad in a case against Russian Catholics. August 31, 1937 – sentenced to death [NKVD Collegium and USSR Office of Public Prosecutor]. September 15, 1937 – shot, in Levashovo Field, outside Leningrad. Source: Shkarovskii, p. 261
Variant Names:
Deiner, Ivan Ivanovich; Deibner, Ivan
Saratov (Russia); Saint Petersburg (Russia)
laity; male; executed