Biography of Stanisƚaw Grzegorzewski

Born into a worker’s family in 1905 in Zhmerynka, Podilskyi province. In 1910 the family moved to Berdychiv, and then after a few years, to Kiev. In 1915, they moved to Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, where Stanisƚaw enrolled in business school. He finished the seventh grade and in 1921 he set off for Kiev. At first he was without work; then became an apprentice at a jewelry establishment. In the winter of 1924 he secretly tried to go to Poland, but he was arrested by Polish border guards. After six months in prison, Polish authorities sent him back to Ukraine, but as he crossed the border he was arrested by Soviet border guards. Sent to Shepetiv Prison, then to Zhytomyr Prison, then transported to Kiev; he was registered with the GPU and then released. In 1925 he spoke with Fr. Teofil Skalski about his wish to become a priest; judging by everything else, it appears that Fr. Teofil was already thinking along that line. He had organized an underground seminary in his apartment, and Stanisƚaw studied there with other young men. After the examination at the completion of the course of studies, it appeared that Stanisƚaw was insufficiently prepared and his ordination was postponed. Having become an organist, he went out to other parishes for Mass, actively assisting Fr. Kazimierz Naskręcki: he accompanied him on visits to the sick and participated in services at cemeteries; he collected money for purchasing and sending food parcels to priests in Solovetsky. May 25, 1929 – arrested in Kiev in a case against Catholics (Naskręcki et al.). February 26, 1930 – sentenced under Article 54-4 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to three years in corrective labor camp [by Order of a Special Troika, GPU Collegium, Ukrainian SSR]. Sent to a camp. Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Investigatory Matter 1733 fp, Archive TsGAOO (Ukraine); Sokolovskyi, pp. 51-52
Variant Names:
Grzegorzewski, Stanisƚaw; Gz︠h︡egoz︠h︡evskiĭ, Stanislav Antonovich
Zhmerynka (Ukraine); Berdychiv (Ukraine); Kiev (Ukraine); Z︠H︡ytomyr (Ukraine)
male; laity; fate unknown