Biography of Czesƚaw Graliewski

Born into a worker’s family in Kielce, Poland, in 1902. January 31, 1926 – arrested on an illegal border-crossing from Poland and deported to Astrakhan, where he was arrested in 1927 for illegally acquiring and bearing weapons; the term of his exile was extended by three years. In March 1928 he went to Moscow illegally and at the Polish embassy attained the return of his Polish citizenship and permission to return to Poland. But in 1928 the GPU changed his place of exile – he was transported to Ufa, where he was arrested December 24, 1929. Charges stated: “He is a staunch patriot and a rabid supporter of Piƚsudski; he systematically carries out anti-Soviet agitation and persuades Polish defectors to return to Poland.” Convicted. Fate thereafter unknown. Excerpts from the indictment: “Graliewski openly stated among the defectors that if he were to go to Poland, he would openly speak out, at meetings and in the press, and tell how Russia was dying, how the Communists were ravaging Russia, and that he would demand of the Polish government that it annihilate this Bolshevik infection and wipe out these swine – otherwise Polish workers think that the workers are in power in the USSR – he would convince them that this is so only in writing – whereas in fact, all Communists are thugs, they are robbing and devastating the country and shooting people by the hundreds.” Source: Investigatory Matter 95215, Central Archive, FSB, Russian Federation
Variant Names:
Graliewski, Czesƚaw; Gralevskiĭ, Cheslav iosifovich
p. 1902-1929
Kielce (Poland); Astrakhanʹ (Russia); Moscow (Russia)
male; laity; fate unknown