Biography of Jakov Woronyuk

Born into a peasant family in Devuli, Oshmyany district, Vilnius province, in 1865. Lived in Leningrad, worked as a caretaker (groundskeeper), and was a member of St. Casimir parish; from 1926 through 1928 he was a member of the parish council and of a church fraternity. May 8, 1931 – arrested in a case against Catholic clergy and laity (Wojno et al.). March 7, 1932 (at age 67) – deprived of the right to live in the twelve major cities and the border districts [OGPU Collegium]. Departed Leningrad. Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Shkarovskii, p. 256
Variant Names:
Woronyuk, Jakov; Voroni︠u︡k, I︠A︡kov Osipovich; Woroniuk, Jakov
Ashmi︠a︡ny (Belarus); Saint Petersburg (Russia)
male; laity; fate unknown